Windows 10 Search Not Working | How to Fix Search Problem?

Is your Windows 10 search not working? How Windows 10 search error occurs Updating the newest version of Windows can be the cause that arises the search fail problem. Windows 10 is the latest Windows version by Microsoft and has so many users globally. But sometimes due to some error, it fails to perform normally, which may affect its search as well. Windows 10 is the most fully-featured operating system of Microsoft that has ever released. However, to find everything in it you often need its powerful search tool. But when Windows 10 file search stops working, though it can create a heap of problems.

Fortunately, we have functional tips using which you can get over from this problem. Here in this blog, you will get the solutions as well as the causes of this error. And the guide will help you in bringing your Windows 10 back on its feet.

Causes of error- Windows 10 Search Not Working

  • While updating the newest version of Windows can sometimes cause a fail in the Windows search.
  • If ‘Cortana’ the smart-assistant that powers much of the Windows’ search functionality get infected with a bug. This causes the problem within the entire tool.
  • Sometimes suspicious and poor search results or maybe even blank results page entirely make the Windows’ search tool page out of work.
  • Maybe it is happening due to some network issues, so do check your computer connection with wifi router.
  • After the virus or malware attack, Windows 10 fail in working normally.

Though, after checking each above-mentioned suggestion, you can try again. Search anything using Windows 10 search, and if it is still doesn’t work then you can move to the next section below. In the next section, we have mentioned some solutions to use to fix this error.



Learn Useful Steps to Solve the Windows 10 Search Problems

1. Restart your device:

It is the most basic solution that you can try for each error. However, there is a reason why this issue is first advice or experts choose to do it- it often works wonders. If you haven’t tried this before, try it now and restart your computer. As it simply reboots your system and can fix the innumerable of problems. It is better to perform a restart than shut down as well. Shutting down can occasionally send your Windows 10 PC into hibernation mode and in this mode, your Windows 10 reboot itself and this solve so many issues. It works and you can try doing it, rather than turning off and on your system again and again.

2. Turn Cortana off and on again:

Since Cortana is so entangled with the Windows 10’s search function. Therefore, turning it off and on again can do wonders for fixing Windows 10 search problems. As this smart assistant of Windows 10 powers the functionality, if it will stay bug-free or out of any problem, then there are chances that Windows 10 search will get on the track once again.

Therefore to do so, follow the below steps:

  1. Right-click on the taskbar and from the drop-down list select Task Manager.
  2. When the Task Manager window appears, ensure that you are looking at the expanded option.
  3.  Now select the Processes tab.
  4. Now select More Details if your Task Manager looks a lot less detailed.
  5. Sort the process by Name by selecting an appropriate tab.
  6. Keep scrolling until you find the Cortana process.
  7.  Now right-click on the Cortana and choose End Task from the menu.

3. Run Windows Troubleshooter

You may have seen or also used this Windows inbuilt troubleshooter system or feature. It is the most useful add on in Windows because it can find the error for you can after letting you know about it can also solve the error. And you just need to run it for the full scan. Sometimes the troubleshooter may not fix the issue, but it will help you in identifying the problem. Through this, you will get the right direction, as you will then know what the reason is for this error.

Therefore follow the below steps to Run the troubleshooter.

  1. Open the Windows 10 Settings menu
  2. Select Update and security from the Settings menu
  3.  Now choose Troubleshoot from the left-hand menu
  4. After this scroll down and select Search and indexing
  5. Choose the Run the troubleshooter option
  6. A new window will get open asking you what the particular search problem you are facing. Then follow the on-screen instructions and give it each information that it asks for. And select Next.

Now the troubleshooter will attempt to fix the issue that you are facing in your system. Now try to search anything and check if your Windows 10 is out of the problem or not.

4. Check if the search service is properly running:

Sometimes the Windows 10 search service gets disable and this can be the reason for this problem. Therefore, you need to turn it on back. It can disable due to any reason, but it is not important now. Look for the steps below to re-enable the service.

  1. Press Windows Key + R simultaneously, through this Run window will open
  2. Now type Services.msc and hit Enter
  3.  When the Services window appears, scroll down the list of services and find the Windows Search. If you find it running then right-click and select Restart.
  4. Instead, if it is disabled or has a blank Status, right-click and select Start.

The above steps may fix the Windows 10 search fail issue, thus you have to make sure that the service will automatically run when Windows starts. So, follow the below steps to do enable:

  1. Right-click it again and then choose Properties.
  2. From the General tab, select the drop-down menu and choose the Start-up type.
  3.  Click on Automatic.

Now you have enabled the Windows 10 search service to run automatically when you start the Windows.

5. Rebuild the Windows 10 search indexing options:

  1. Maybe your Windows 10 has simply forgotten that where you have saved or downloaded certain files and folders.
  2. Therefore, to help your Windows you need to rebuild its indexing options by pressing Windows + R.
  3.   Now type Control Panel and press Enter.
  4. Click OK.
  5. In the Control Panel, click on View and select Large Icon from the drop-down menu.
  6. Now you need to select the Advanced button.
  7.  If prompted, give administrator approval to continue.
  8.  Click on Rebuild
  9. Select OK

Now the rebuild process will take a short time to complete depending on the size of the Drive and how much space it has.

Solve the error with experts:

Are you still facing the same issue? If none of the above tips helped you, then you have only one option now. Get the suggestion from experts to get over this Windows 10 search not working issue. You can try some advance Cortana help tips or contact Microsoft Windows experts.

Getting help from the experts can help you as they are trained and knowledgeable about each situation that may increase the problem and how the error can get in control. Reaching them is not dificult, as you can contact expert using toll-free number.


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